All Smiles


When life becomes focused on day-to-day survival, things that were once considered necessities – such as dental work – turn into luxuries. This was true for Gracewood moms Danise and Ariel.

For many years, Danise had multiple dental issues that she did not have the financial means to address. One of these issues was a broken tooth that she felt affected the impression she made in job interviews and was taking a toll on her self-esteem.

Through The Get Together, a networking organization designed to engage business people in serving Christ-centered ministries, Gracewood connected with Dr. Rihl Buckley. Dr. Buckley was a local dentist who decided to donate his services. He extracted Danise’s broken tooth and installed a crown. Another dentist, Dr. Carol Ann Edwards, provided additional services and Danise received almost $4,000 in repairs, all at no cost to her.

“I truly never thought I’d ever be able to afford to have my smile fixed. When I got the call that someone wanted to bless me in this way, it was as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders,” said Danise. “I finally felt like I could smile without having to hide.”

“God has richly blessed me and it is truly an honor,” said Dr. Edwards. “The dental lab even donated the partial [tooth] when they heard who it was for. God orchestrated the whole thing.”

Another Gracewood mom, Ariel, also needed dental services which she could not afford. Things worsened when an impacted wisdom tooth began causing her severe pain.

Dr. Allen Presswood came forward through The Get Together. He administered a free exam including x-rays before referring her to Dr. Philip Kattchee, a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Dr. Kattchee removed all of Ariel’s wisdom teeth, an estimated $2,500 in donated services.

“The generosity of these two dentists are such a reminder to me that God puts people in our path to help us, no strings attached,” said Ariel.

“The time and services donated by these wonderful providers have genuinely improved the quality of life for these ladies,” said Brandi Hobratschk, a Gracewood Family Life Coordinator. “We feel blessed to have been chosen as the recipients of such generous giving and are grateful to The Get Together for orchestrating the services to fill our home with happy, healthy smiles once again.”