1. Two fundraising Marathoners pair together to play 100 holes of golf in one day
  2. One ball is in play per pairing
  3. Three pairings, in three carts, stay together at all times to keep consistent pace of play
  4. Men play from the white tees and women play from the red tees
  5. Play extremely READY golf, but traditional course etiquette still applies
  6. Take good care of the course - 90 degree rule, avoid wet areas, do not wear metal spikes and please repair divots/pitch marks
  7. Putts within the length of a traditional putter are considered "good"
  8. No more than 2 putts per green
  9. To save time - do not pull the flag sticks
  10. Maximum of 8 strokes allowed per hole
  11. Do not search for lost ball, out of bounds ball, sand trap ball, or water hazard balls - simply drop ball nearby and play on without penalty
  12. Minimum expectation is for each group (3 pairings playing together) to finish at least 9 holes every hour
  13. Allow only 7 minutes on average to complete each hole
  14. Allow others to play through, or if needed skip ahead with your three pairings. You can return to complete unfinished holes at the end


  • Pairing - (2) Fundraising Marathoners in one cart who complete 100 holes of golf
  • Marathoners
    • Legacy - Fundraising Marathoner of 18+ years
    • Legend - Fundraising Marathoner of 10-17 years
    • Master - Fundraising Marathoner of 5-9 years
    • Champion - Fundraising Marathoner of 2-4 years
    • Rookie - Fundraising Marathoner's 1st year